Face painting training for all experience levels.

The next training class will be a four week session every Tuesday, 11/6/18, 11/13/18, 11/20/18, & 11/27/18 6:00pm-8:00pm in Waxhaw, NC.   $40 per class. Class-A will be a Tech 1-2 Class for beginners and Class-B will be a Tech 5 class to learn airbrush.  

This is a Tech 1/2 class and includes review of our clean technique by a pediatric nurse, avoiding cross contamination, customer service, and care for art supplies. Next, we use the EDGE method: Explaination, Demonstration, Guide, and Enable of the ten most requested face paint requests.  Pizza and soda are provided. You are expected to be terrible in the beginning!  It's ok! It is a lot harder than it looks. We practice on live models because painting on a 3D, moving, talking, bumpy canvas is different than painting on a flat object.  This is a relaxed and fun class for all ages.  If face painting is what you love to do, ask Miss Gina if you can join our team after completing Tech 3!

Call or text Miss Gina to secure your spot at 704-654-5675 or register from our "contact page".

Sub-contractors currently working with Masquerade Designs LLC learning the Technician 1-5 Program: If you are attending this class, you must still attend the cross contamination review every time.  Safety is our number one priority.  A Tech 4 and 5 session will include glow paint, henna, jagua, air brush, pregnancy bellies, glitter tattoos, hair tinsel, and more challenging designs.